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Podcast #28

Today we are Joined as always by Alex Jack and Special guest Liz. We talk a bit about the election and how it turned out. Great show Please share with your friends hit like and leave us a note. Click here for the link

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Podcast #27 is up

So tonight’s podcast It’s just me. Alex is off doing Alex stuff. So tonight I talk about the direction of this podcast and past members and yes the current members. I also talk about me. So take a listen. Also click follow so you can be notified of new episode’s. Follow me on twitter […]

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Episode #21

On Today’s podcast we had Joe Thompson author of 2 books and a Paranormal investigator. This podcast we are covering all things Paranormal . Call (602) 367-9890 contact Joe here.   About A small group of people interested in all things paranormal and historical. We mix science, the metaphysical, technology, and history together to help further […]

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Episode #20

On Today’s Podcast we talk about Life during covid-19 how it really doesn’t bother me not being around other. A crazy story that happened to me. Also a book that I am reading about Jim Crow laws segregation and forcing a race of people to be appressed and the effects of this today. Also we […]

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Episode #18 Wed Podcast

This was the first Wednesday. Just to test the waters. It was a test. So may not be the best podcast we’ve done. But it’s a start. Please feel free to send a message and let me know what you think. Thanks everyone for giving this podcast a chance. Also remember to check out we use […]

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Episode #19 Is up

Hey all this is episode #19 This was a fun podcast we covered many different things today. We covered Covid-19, NFL, Politics, Media, constipation,  and much much more. Please check out the podcast……… Also head on over to Check out what these fine folks have to offer everyone.

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