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Episode #21

On Today’s podcast we had Joe Thompson author of 2 books and a Paranormal investigator. This podcast we are covering all things Paranormal . Call (602) 367-9890 contact Joe here.   About A small group of people interested in all things paranormal and historical. We mix science, the metaphysical, technology, and history together to help further […]

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Episode #20

On Today’s Podcast we talk about Life during covid-19 how it really doesn’t bother me not being around other. A crazy story that happened to me. Also a book that I am reading about Jim Crow laws segregation and forcing a race of people to be appressed and the effects of this today. Also we […]

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Episode #18 Wed Podcast

This was the first Wednesday. Just to test the waters. It was a test. So may not be the best podcast we’ve done. But it’s a start. Please feel free to send a message and let me know what you think. Thanks everyone for giving this podcast a chance. Also remember to check out we use […]

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Episode #19 Is up

Hey all this is episode #19 This was a fun podcast we covered many different things today. We covered Covid-19, NFL, Politics, Media, constipation,  and much much more. Please check out the podcast……… Also head on over to Check out what these fine folks have to offer everyone.

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Today’s Podcast #16

On today’s podcast we are joined by MR.AKA also By Jack of Coffee with Jack. Today we are talking about the current situation with the riots across the United States. Why are these things still going on. Also about Job security. Does this really happen? Also the crazy shit that took place at work. Anyhow […]

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