Three Broke Amateur’s Podcast #2

On this episode We talk about The Baofeng HT. Why this brand is so hated in the Amateur radio community. Also we talk about how we got started in radio. Also we talk about how easy it is to get your Amateur license. Much Much more. Click Here to listen….

Please check out as always All our music used for this show is provided by them. 

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Episode #1 Three Broke

This is episode #1. We will get this issue fixed next podcast. On this episode we discuss becoming a Ham Radio oprator and how easy it is now to obtain your Amateur license. We also discuss your privliges as a Technician. Also we discuss the current licenses available as an amateur. We als discuss repeaters how they are used. Much more on today’s episode. So join us each week as we discuss Ham Radio.  Music: By This is a great website for everyone.

Click Here to listen…..

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Where to Take the Ham Radio Exam?

It’s never been easier to get your ham radio license!

Many people have sat and said I am going to take my test. I did that for over twenty plus years. I took my test back on December 19. My license was in the F.C.C Data base on the 21st of December. It was honestly a very simple and easy way of doing it. I am not one whom enjoyes setting in a room full of people I don’t know.

So Check it out! We are going to talk all about this on episode one this Saturday at 12 Pm 1-16-21 while you are thinking about get your ham license please check this site out Click this link

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