Hello, it’s been a while.

So around December 2020, I started studying for my Technician license. This is something that I had planned on doing for a little over twenty years or so. I would always find a reason not to do it. So I met a few people that had been in the hobby for many years. After pushing to get my license I finally went forward with it. On the 19th of December, I passed the test and was granted a license. In the United States, we currently have three licenses that you can test for. The licenses that we currently have are the Technician, General, and Amateur Extra licenses. All three of these licenses grant you different privileges in amateur radio bands. So many things that you can do. So once I passed the license I had to buy some equipment. I started out with a Yaesu FT-7900. This radio covers 2 Meters and 70 Centimeters also known as the 440 band. Anyhow, I got sick of being limited to only these bands I wanted to get the upgrade. I started studying for my General license. I took and passed it on or around December of 2021. Needless to say, I have been having a blast with this hobby. I have acquired some radios. Not as many as I would like. So I figured I would share some of the places that I have talked to in my little over three years at this hobby. I will start uploading videos here soon.

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